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We are Dream Drive Studio, the high quality video – editing company.

Our dreams are here to make your dreams come true. Dream Drive Studio was established in response to New York’s unique qualities in property and people. The Big Apple is home to some of the world’s most desirable real estate and we are here to bring our high standard and superior technology to the real estate video – editing market.

In the last few years, video marketing has become a must in the real estate business. Companies dealing with electronics, automobiles, food items, etc. necessarily use video to get closer to their customers, so, real estate industry follows the trends and using video for successful marketing. It is quite understandable, because video is the best way to show the advantages of the property in the shortest time.


What Do We Offer?

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We, at Dream Drive Studio, provide quality video editing services to support the image and beauty of the property. Every video shot deserves a professional look, so, we are here to make that look the best it could be. We turn your real estate videos into little video – masterpieces which attract your customers. Our professional video editing team is here to help you create your video story.

We offer:
• experienced and skilled personnel
• professional equipment, 24/7
• flexible and communicative editors
• competitive prices
• full online preview and control

We provide our clients with the friendly and flowing support by creating videos and movies for their needs.

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80% of global internet traffic is attributed to video..!

90% of content shared by users on SNS is video..!

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Our team of video editors is skilled, competent, creative, and takes your videos to the next level by providing:


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