Animated Video

Animated Video Services

We create animated business video presentations for you;
Technological, industrial and scientific animations, infographics and explainers;
Animated commercials and music videos;
Animations for mapped projections at corporate gatherings, seminars and concerts;
Animations for holograms and mapped projections on holograms and objects;
We are introducing digital technologies in trade fairs and exhibitions;
We model 3D, virtual environments (VR), user environments (web and applications);
We design printed graphic materials, packaging and catalogs.

Animated Video Project

We have created several successful international projects in the field of design and production of commercial museum exhibitions.
We successfully cooperate with leading studios, marketing agencies, museums, printing houses,
IT and creative workshops, so we can offer you complete professional and creative support in all areas according to your needs.
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How to present your business with the help of an explainer video and improve your business?

Statistics show that the introductory video significantly increases the sales and activity of the users on the website.
The optimal duration for an explainer video is usually 60 – 120 seconds because it’s hard to tell the whole story in less than a minute, and statistics show that people’s attention decreases after a maximum of two minutes.

Some things can only be explained through a video explainer. A video explainer is important for: production processes, instructions for use, educational content of all kinds, explanation software, web applications, and other devices and equipment.
The development process includes cooperation through several phases:
CONCEPT – Creating the process we want to display with a video explainer. In this part of the job we need sketches of the process, as you envision it.
TEXT – Writing a script that we send you for approval. It is the text by which we make a storyboard or record the voice of the narrator accompanying the video.
STORYBOARD – A black and white sketch of scenes that explain a future video. The goal is to determine the exact flow of frames in the video.
ILLUSTRATION STYLE – Contains illustration suggestions that contain text, characters, backgrounds, objects, icons, and other elements that appear in the explainer.
VOICE (Voiceover) – We offer you the choice of a male or female speaker to
read the text explaining the video. (Can be in most major languages)
ANIMATIC AND ANIMATION – Animation process – fitting voiceover timing, with storyboard and illustrations.
MUSIC SELECTION – Selection and application-editing of appropriate music and sound effects that complete the video explainer.

Animated Video Explainer

Grow your business with animated video presentations that increase sales and interactions on your web site.
Explain your production or technological process and instructions for using your products or your website applications.
Use graphics to show what is not visible or cannot be recorded.
We create all educational content through original, dynamic and attractive
animation, and 2D or 3D animated videos from 60 to 360 seconds.
Take a look at our works as they speak for themselves.

Production of Animated Advertisements, Techical
and Scientific Animations

Present your products through animated commercials, technological and scientific animation, via 2D / 3D animated videos or by directly applying 3D models on displays or on the web.
Take a look at our works and imagine your goal, for everything else:

Event Animations (Promotions and Events)

In collaboration with the executive producers of your events, we create attractive animations for corporate gatherings, seminars and concerts.
Animated video presentation on displays or via mapped projection on stage, curtains, interior and exterior walls, hallways or buildings. We cooperate with recognized
marketing agencies and companies engaged in renting specialized equipment for stage events.
Take a look at our work and step with us into a new era of digital transformation.

Installations, Exsibitions, Fair Stands, Virtual Enviroments and New Media Design

Introduction of new digital technologies as elements – displays of exhibitions and similar settings. Include in your performance: virtual 3D environments – VR, spatial installations, holographic presentations, interactive screens, scenic exhibits, as well as designed graphic elements. We have done creative production of numerous international commercial exhibitions with more than 5,000,000 visitors.
Take a look at our portfolio of works to gain insight into our creative abilities.

Graphic Design

Design and prepress brochure, catalog, advertisements, magazines, posters, billboards, business cards, packaging design and product branding.
It gives us real satisfaction when we have the opportunity to establish a complete visualization of the client identity.
Starting with the logo for your brand, through packaging design and accompanying publications, to promotional tools, video ads and campaigns!

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